Efficient communication for busy physicians

✓ Send Messages or Make Calls to Nurses, Colleagues & “On Call” Physicians
✓ Reply or Call Back from a Received Message
✓ View Searchable Message Log and Forward Messages
✓ View Schedule, Change “On Call” and Forward Calls
✓ Change Status, Preferences, & Contact Number
✓ Automatic Call Escalation Based on Personal Preferences
✓ Access Contact List & Support List
✓ Access Phone Directory
✓ Call or Send Messages to Patients

Desktop and Mobile Versions

Our web-based application runs on both desktop and mobile versions so that the user can access from any device with Internet access.

Mobile Application

Our web-based device agnostic mobile application can be accessed by the users through any web enabled smart phone or tablet to perform the following functions:

  • View Messages and Reply Back or Call Back
  • Change on Call and Change Status
  • Connect on Call
  • Work Messaging
  • Patient Messaging
  • View/Post Messages on Patient Message Board
  • View User Profile
  • Access/Edit Contact List and Send Messages
  • View On-Call Schedule
  • View/Edit Call Back Number
  • View/Edit Message Delivery Preference
  • Access Phone Directory and Call Directly
  • Access Help List and Call Directly

We also have Android and I Phone App for richer user experience and added functions of making VOIP calls. You can Download Native iPhone and Android Mobile Application from the App Store.

Contact Us to learn more about above listed features and many other features not listed above.

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