HIPAA-Compliant, Secured & Encrypted Messaging

✓ HIPAA-Compliant, Secured & Encrypted Messaging
✓ Password Protected Inboxes
✓ SSL/AES Encryption
✓ Multi-Layered User Privileges
✓ Read Receipt with Auditable Message Log
✓ No Data Leakage

HIPAA-Compliant Secured Messaging:

The messages are SSL/AES encrypted, messages accessed outside the application have a have time-delayed expiration, and the message inbox is password and PIN-number protected. The messages cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage.

Password-Protected Inboxes:

Not only do users have to enter a unique ID and password to access our application, but they also need to enter a PIN number every time they need to access any page containing PHI.

Multi-Layered User Privileges:

Access based on receiver’s preferences and sender’s privileges.

Instant Read Receipt of Sent Message:

Every message has a time stamp indicating when it is delivered and opened.

Message Log with Search Filters:

A permanent log of all messages is maintained for future reference. This feature allows the user to access the log of all messages/calls with text and audio content. The messages can be searched based on various search parameters from the permanent log. The unread messages are in bold. When the messages are read by the recipient,, they are not in bold any longer, indicating read receipt status to the sender, also. The received and sent messages can be viewed separately.

No Data Leakage:

Messages cannot be forwarded or copied outside of the application.


There is a permanent log of who did what and where for traceable communication through audit trail.

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