Our Mobile Solutions

The following features are available on our Android and iPhone App. You can Download Native iPhone and Android Mobile Applications from the App Store.

  • Messages: View Message/Call Log and Reply Back or Call Back from the individual message
  • Change “On Call” and Change Status: User can put his colleague on call for a specified time.
  • Connect on Call: Communicate with on call physician or patient’s assigned nurse by Secure Text or Phone.
  • VChat: Chat with affiliated VConnectMD Users securely. Send attachments and pictures securely.
  • Work Messaging: Communicate with people with in your organization using Secure Text/Email or VOIP calls. Send attachments or pictures securely.
  • Consults & Admissions: The users with access to this feature can view the New Consults & Admissions list of patients for a selected Call Group for last 12 hours, 24 Hours or a specified date range.
  • Patient Messaging: To communicate with patients (by Secure Text, Text to Speech or VOIP Call) without revealing your cell number.
  • Patient Message Board: Info pertaining to patients like patient’s location (in OR, in Dialysis, in X-Ray etc.), NPO status etc. can be posted and viewed in real time.
  • User Profile: View or change user’s contact info or change status (e.g. in OR, In Procedure etc.)
  • Contact List: To access colleagues from self/other practices or from hospital and communicate with them by Secure Text/Email or VOIP Call.
  • On-Call Schedule: Users can view their own or call group member’s ‘On Call’ Schedule.
  • Message Delivery Preference: Set contact preferences, message delivery preferences and permissions.
  • Phone Directory: Access phone directory of all affiliated physician Offices and Hospitals and make calls.
  • Support: Communicate with support Personnel by Email or VOIP Call.
  • External Messaging: To communicate with non VConnectMD subscribers by secure Text or VOIP call or Email using your phone contact list.

Our web-based device agnostic mobile application can be accessed by the users through any web enabled smart phone or tablet.

Contact Us to learn more about above listed features and many other features not listed above.

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