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We offer live and automated answering service integrated with our web enabled application to provide you with a reliable, efficient, error free and more economical communication platform.

The Physician Front Desk Person performs multiple tasks: scheduling and confirming appointments, appointment reminder calls, insurance verification, relaying messages between patients or hospital personnel and physicians. A significant amount time is spent handling inbound calls from hospitals and other physician offices. Off all the services they provide, the most crucial and challenging service is relaying messages to physicians and physician extenders, which is performed by the Answering Service during Non-Working Hours. The front desk person and the Answering Service Operator should be familiar with the customized preferences of each practice and each physician and deliver the message to the right person at the right time every time. This requires an experienced person who understands the medical field, medical terminology, physician schedules, physician preferences, call management in the context of patient care, physician practice and healthcare organization protocols and be able to differentiate between urgent and non-urgent messages.

Traditional Answering Services with live operators are unreliable, inefficient, prone for human errors and relatively expensive. The messaging is not private, secure and for health care customers it’s not HIPAA compliant. The operator may be too busy to answer the call during busy hours, the caller may be put on hold, and errors can happen while taking the message during live call or message could be routed to the wrong person. For example in health care setting, a delay in message delivery, incorrect message delivery or misrouting of urgent calls by a poorly trained operator can result in delay in care of a critically ill patient which creates an unnecessary liability risk for physicians and hospitals. The message log provided by the traditional answering service is not structured, auditable or has enough search filters for meaningful query of the message log.

If the inbound calls from hospitals can be automatically routed, the front desk person can spend more time scheduling patient appointments and checking in patients thereby enhancing the practice’s revenues. If we can eliminate human errors and inefficiency of traditional answering service and offer cost savings at the same time, physicians will be happier. VConnectMD offers an automated answering service integrated with our web enabled application to provide you with a reliable, efficient, error free and more economical communication platform.

Our Product Overview and Benefits

Improve Communication & Work Flow Efficiency in Physician Offices

✓ Lower your current Answering Service cost
✓ Decreased Calls Load to Front Desk
✓ Manage all your on-call schedules at one place for all of your hospitals coverage
✓ Secure, Encrypted and HIPAA Compliant Messaging with searchable Message Log
✓ Automated Routing of Voice & Transcribed Messages
✓ Message Log with Search Filters
✓ Automated Answering Service
✓ HIPAA Compliant Live answering service

Improved Communication Efficiency, Reliability and Accuracy:

The calls from non-participating hospitals and physician offices and patient and pharmacy calls are recorded and transcribed and automatically routed to the intended person whether it is a physician, physician extender, or office personnel, avoiding any delays associated with live operators.

Integrated Automated Answering Service with IVRS:

This feature handles the phone calls coming from non-participating hospitals, patients, or pharmacy made to the physician office. The received voice messages are routed as a voice file or a (near real-time) transcribed text message to the intended person as per message delivery preference and call routing logic. This will avoid any inherent delays and potential mistakes caused by a conventional answering service. The receiver also gets a text alert about the received voice mail. The subscribers can create customized text-to-speech greetings, prompts and IVR options for the caller. We also provide 24/7 live operator back up.

Decreased Calls Load to Front Desk:

Because the calls from a hospital can be directly routed to the physicians and physician extenders, the calls to the front desk person from hospitals will be virtually eliminated. Nurses don’t have to go through physician’s office front desk or physician office answering service to send a message or to make a call to the physicians, physician extenders, or office personnel.

Web-Based On-Call Scheduler:

VConnectMD provides unique user-friendly, web-based on-call schedule functionality for creating an on-call schedule for a physician/health care personnel for multiple hospitals at a time from anywhere using our desk top application. It has copy, edit, stop, import and export functionality, and on-call reminders to person working on call. On-call status can be changed from any mobile device.

Automated Routing of Voice, Text Messages, and Calls:

Our proprietary, sophisticated automatic intelligent call routing algorithm is based on receiver’s Message Delivery Preferences(MDP), Call Routing Preferences (CRP- based on call type, call reason, and call location), Message Receiver Preference (MRP), and On-Call Schedule (OCS).

Message Log with Search Filters:

A permanent log of all messages is maintained for future reference. This feature allows the user to access the log of all messages/calls with text and audio content. The messages can be searched based on various search parameters from the permanent log. The unread messages are in bold. When the messages are read by the recipient, they are not in bold any longer, indicating read receipt status to the sender, also. The received and sent messages can be viewed separately.

Secure Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant Messaging:

The messages are SSL/AES encrypted. The message inbox is password and PIN-number protected. The messages accessed outside the application by entering a PIN, have a time-delayed expiration. The messages cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage.

Integrated Answering Service with Live Operators:

The calls from non-participating hospitals and physicians’ offices along with patient and pharmacy calls are handled by our 24/7 live operators. Our platform can accept detailed information about a call and using our patent-pending call routing algorithm, it routes the call to the right person at the right time to the right device based on call type, call reason, call location, caller type, patient name, hospital name, user preferences and call schedules.The users can access the messages securely from any web-enabled device (like a smart phone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer) at any time from any place.

HIPAA Compliant Live Answering Service:

Our HIPAA compliant answering service with live operators is provided 24/7. The calls from non-participating hospitals and physicians’ offices along with patient and pharmacy calls are transcribed and automatically routed (using our patent pending call routing algorithm) to the intended person whether it be a physician, physician extender, or office personnel, avoiding any delays and routing errors associated with conventional live operator.

Physician Office Personnel:

Physician Office Personnel can perform any of the following functions or do more using our desktop or mobile application:

  • Send Messages or Make Calls to On-Call Person
  • View & Sort Messages
  • Change Call Back Number
  • Access Contact & Support List
  • Access Phone Directory
  • Call or Send Messages to Patients
  • Manage IVR Messages, respond and document the actions taken on the calls received from Patients, Pharmacy and Hospitals on a Desktop Dashboard
Cost Savings:

Because the calls from hospitals and physicians’ offices and patient and pharmacy calls are automatically routed to the intended person whether it be a physician, physician extender, or office personnel, the cost of the front desk person will decrease by about 30 percent. What you pay for our service may be the same as or up to 50 percent lower than what you pay for the services of your current after-hours answering service.

Contact Us to learn more about above listed features and many other features not listed above.


  • A Physician or a nurse from the hospital trying to reach your physician calls your office. The caller finds your line busy or is put on hold by your busy front desk person or answering service
  • Once your front desk person or answering service answers the phone, he or she has to take a message and then look up the physician coverage schedule for a given time slot, for a given day, for a given hospital. The person taking the message could make a mistake while transcribing the message during the live call
  • Based on the type of message, he or she has to send the message to the physician or physician extender as per individual physician preferences. The message may be sent to the wrong person
  • The physician or physician extender then gets the message but again may take time to respond based on how busy he or she is at a given time
  • No detail permanent Message Log with multiple search parameters is provided

For the above contact cycle to be completed, the process takes time and is prone to errors, which could prove to be costly in an emergency situation.


VConnectMD is a web-based communication tool that enables the physician, nurses, and other health care personnel from the participating hospitals/physician offices to communicate with each other directly, eliminating the need for a middle person, such as a front desk receptionist in the physician’s office or a unit secretary at a patient station in the hospital, to relay messages. The communication then becomes fast, efficient, and cost effective. The calls from non-participating hospitals, pharmacy calls, patient calls and other calls will be handled by our automated answering service. We also have a live answering service as a backup.


  • Message is sent directly from the sender to the receiver almost instantaneously.
  • Since there is no need for middle person to relay messages, the delay or errors caused by such person is eliminated.
  • The message is automatically routed to the right person based on physician preference, call type, call reason, and call location. For example, a stat call is delivered to the physician, and routine calls are delivered to physician extender based on physician’s preference.
  • In special circumstances, the call routing algorithm can be overridden by the nurse to reach a specific physician for direct care coordination.
  • Multi physician paging: In an emergency situation, the nurse or physician from the hospital can talk directly to the physician and save precious time. The Nurse can even initiate a conference call among the different treating physicians to discuss and co-ordinate care on a critically ill patient.
  • Even the calls from patients, pharmacy and others are automatically routed to the physician, physician extender, and your office personnel inbox based on the type and level of urgency of the call.
  • The interoffice communication feature standardizes the communication between physician offices and hospitals and makes the communication fast, easy, efficient and cost effective.
  • Message log with multiple search parameters is available as a permanent record for future reference.

How it Works

  1. Our application is completely web-based, secure and HIPAA-compliant.
  2. The participating physician offices should subscribe to our applications, load and update their ‘on-call’ schedules for communication among such care givers and personnel of such entities. We can also load and update your on call schedules for a nominal fee.
  3. Each individual physician office’s designated scheduler can manage and update their on-call schedules using any web enabled computer.
  4. Our Automated Answering Service with live operator back-up or our Live operator Service will completely replace the existing answering of the participating physician offices. The cost will be same or lower than their current answering service, but efficiency and accuracy will be much higher.
  5. The participating hospitals should subscribe or give access to the nurses, case managers and physicians in order for them to directly contact the physician using our application. This way they can bypass the physician office front desk or their answering service.
  6. The calls from the non-participating hospitals, physician offices, pharmacy, patients and others are handled by our automated answering service or our Live operator Service.
  7. Most of the required information is fed into our application during on-boarding. The only information need periodical updating is the on-call schedules and updated patient list along with the assigned providers.
  8. Individual users can send or receive messages or make calls using any web-enabled device (e.g. a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer).
  9. Individual users can check their on-call schedules, messages, ‘change on-call’, change preferences/call back number, forward calls/messages and access contact list/help list/phone directory using any web-enabled device (e.g. a smart phone, tablet or a desktop computer).

Bottom Line: Your answering service cost may be reduced up to 30 percent and inbound calls from the participating hospitals are nearly eliminated while improving the overall process efficiency through improved contact cycle. The accuracy of messaging is improved by eliminating the human errors and delays caused by the message relay person.

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