Operating Room/Procedure Room

A busy operating room, or procedure rooms ( e.g. Cardiac Cath lab, Endoscopy suite, Interventional Radiology Suite) have a challenge of daily workings when they have to deal with different variables that can affect throughput and smooth work flow. One of these being the need to cater to multiple physicians working for different groups all with different scheduling needs. For example, physicians must be notified of start times and changes in scheduling. Conventional methods of contacting a physician are, at best, inefficient and, at worst, prone to errors leading to delay of cases and decreased throughput. Ultimately, the facility’s bottom line is greatly impacted.


  • Delay in start of case.
  • Unhappy patient, physician and staff.
  • Decreased throughput.
  • Increase in cost and decreased revenues for the hospital.


VConnectMD standardizes physician-contact processes via a single portal. The physician’s contact information, contact preference, forwarding option, call routing preference and call schedule is assembled and maintained in our application. With this information, VConnectMD automatically displays the covering person(s) for the selected person(s) and highlights and auto checks the person’s name based on Call Type, Call Location and Call Reason selected by the sender, so that the message is sent to the right person at the right time by right delivery method.


  • Timely start of case.
  • Happy patient, physician and staff.
  • Increased throughput.
  • Decrease in cost and increased revenues for the hospital.
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