Features Overview

When a Nurse in the hospital wants to send an urgent message to a physician, there is a significant time lag between the message sent and message received.

This delay in conveying the message to the physician could be a result of:

  • Nurse has to search for the physician’s phone number
  • No one answering the phone at the physician’s office
  • A busy answering service
  • The caller being put on hold
  • Phone lines at the physician’s office being down

Improving communication in hospitals is one of the most important challenges facing the field of health care. According to the Joint Commission, a nonprofit organization that certifies thousands of health care agencies across the nation, communication breakdown is the single greatest contributory factor to critical events and delays in care at U.S. hospitals. When time is such a critical component to health care, there is no room for the industry to lag behind when it comes to communication between various health care personnel. 


PageNetWorld offers a single application that facilitates instant communication between and within different branches of the hospital system namely between the hospital and physician offices, between physicians, between healthcare personnel, between pharmacy and physician offices, between patients and physician offices, physicians, or physician extenders. Using PageNetWorld features like Page OnCall, Team Alert Paging, Multi Person Paging, Page Specific Person, messages are sent in a flash with the push of a button.

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