Connect on Call (COC)
This feature allows the user to select one or more persons from a physician group, a hospital service (Cardiology, Neurosurgery etc.), a hospital team alert group (STEMI, Code Blue etc.) or an assigned nurse group the system then automatically displays the Covering person(s) for the selected person(s) or service and highlights one or more on-call physician/physician extender/ other health care personnel based on our proprietary automated call routing algorithm (Patent Pending). One can even select a patient, and the system automatically displays the assigned physician(s) or a Nurse for that time slot. The sender has the choice to send a secured text message with or without attachments (e.g. EKG) or make a VOIP call without the receiver’s cell phone number ever revealed to the sender.
Multi Person Paging
This feature allows the user to send a common message simultaneously to selected multiple physicians and others.
Work Messaging (WM)
This feature allows the user to communicate with colleagues within a tenant, for example, nurse-to-nurse communication, and to create his or her own favorite list for quick access. The sender has the choice to send a secured text message with or without attachments (e.g. EKG) or make a VOIP call without the receiver’s cell phone number ever revealed to the sender.
Web-Based “On Call” Scheduler
VConnectMD provides a unique user-friendly “on call” scheduler functionality for creating an on-call schedule for physicians/health care personnel for multiple hospitals at a time from anywhere, using our web based desktop application. On-call status can be changed from any mobile device.
Inter Office Communication (IOC)
This feature allows for instant secure communication between physician offices or between hospital and physician office. This way patient records or any other records can be sent and received between the affiliated tenants. This will eliminate the need for faxing and follow up phone calls. For example a unit secretary from a hospital can send a message to a medical records person in a cardiologist’s office requesting for a nuclear stress test report. The medical records person can immediately attach the requested report and send it back immediately. Request for New Appointments, F/U Appt, New Consults, Discharge Medication Reconciliation Forms, Tests, Procedures with accompanying patient records can be exchanged between Physician Offices, or between Hospitals and Physician Offices can happen seamlessly. This will improve care coordination, increase patient satisfaction, stream line work flow and decrease length of stay.
Message Attachments
This feature is available in Page Specific Person or Page on Call, in Personal & Group Messaging and Inter Office Communication. For example, a nurse can send a stat EKG to the on-call cardiologist, which can be accessed by any computer or smart phone. This will eliminate the need for faxing. Unlike a faxed copy of an EKG, the document sent through our application can be accessed from anywhere, anytime.
Proprietary Call Routing Algorithm (Patent Pending)
Our Sophisticated automated call routing algorithm (Patent Pending) is based on receiver’s Message Delivery Preferences (MDP), Call Routing Preferences (CRP based on call type, call reason, and call location), Message Receiver Preference (MRP), On Call Schedule (OCS) and other preferences.
Direct VOIP Call
This feature allows the user to call a specific person or to page the on-call person directly in an emergency or urgent situation. The phone numbers are not revealed to the caller. One can make direct VOIP calls from support list on contact list, also.
My Profile
This feature allows the user to quickly access his or her profile and message delivery preferences on a desktop/tablet or a smart phone.
Call Escalation
This feature allows the message delivery to be escalated to various
receivers based on individual preference.
Call Rotation
This feature allows messages regarding new consults or admissions to be sent to different on-call physicians/physician extenders on a rotation basis for a given shift if a given call group has elected to do so.
This feature lets the user know the message receiver’s status, for example available, in office, in OR, in procedure, on vacation, etc. The user can change his or her status on the fly using any desktop, tablet, or smart phone device.
This feature allows the user to know the online status of the message receiver and also allows the user to call him or her directly on his or her computer/tablet or smart phone rather than to make a typical phone call to talk to him or her—if the person is online and available.
Message Log
A permanent log of all messages is maintained for future reference. This feature allows the user to access the log of all messages/calls with text and audio content. The messages can be searched based on various search parameters from the permanent log. The unread messages are in bold. When the messages are read by the receiver, they are not in bold any longer, indicating read receipt status to the sender, also. The received and sent messages can be viewed separately.
Read Receipt
The sender receives an immediate confirmation once the message is opened by the recipient.
HIPAA-Compliant Messaging
The messages are encrypted using SSL/AES encryption, messages accessed outside the application have a time-delayed expiration, and the message inbox is password and PIN number protected. The messages cannot be forwarded outside of the application to prevent data leakage.
Message Forward
This feature allows the user to forward one or more than one message from the message log to a recipient, after adding comments for individual messages if needed.
View Schedule
This feature allows the user to access the on-call schedule for the physician or the group from anywhere with any web-enabled device.
User Access Control
The user access to various features is based on receiver preferences and user privileges.
Record of Voice Messages and Voice Conversations
The user initiating a phone call through our application can record the conversation, which is permanently stored in the message log.
Help/Support List
The user can access the help/support list to make a call using our desktop/tablet or a smart phone application.
Contact List
The user can create and access his or her favorite contact list from a list of users from his or her tenant or affiliated tenants to make a VOIP call or send secure text/email using I-Phone or Android App. The access to list of users from affiliated tenant is controlled by individual users.

We have over 55 features. Contact Us to learn more about above listed features and many other features not listed above.

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