ER Physician

ER Physicians work in a busy and demanding setting. They are required to communicate with the admitting physician on every patient they admit and sometimes with specialists. Unlike any other specialty, ER Physician spend significant amount of their time on trying to contact and communicate with other physicians. This is a big burden for someone who is already overburdened, working in a busy, chaotic and stressful environment. The conventional contact methods lead to delay in care, ER congestion, patient dissatisfaction, duplication of tests and even missed diagnosis.


  • No Standardized and efficient way of contacting and communicating with the admitting physician.
  • Busy and chaotic work environment, leading to ER physician and admitting physicians playing phone tag or having to be put on hold.
  • Delayed care, delayed admissions, increased length of stay in ER, increased ER waiting time for patients to be seen.
  • No auditable record of sequence of communication between ER Physician and Admitting or Consulting Physicians.
  • No read receipt of sent messages
  • Increased risk exposure to malpractice law suits.


VConnectMD standardizes physician-contact processes via a single portal. The physician’s contact information, contact preference, forwarding option, call routing preference and call schedule is assembled and maintained in our application. With this information, VConnectMD automatically displays the covering person(s) for the selected person(s) and highlights and auto checks the person’s name based on Call Type, Call Location and Call Reason selected by the sender, so that the message is sent to the right person at the right time by right delivery method.


  • A Single portal to contact; send a message or converse with the admitting physicians and specialists almost instantaneously.
  • Reduced issues of delayed care, delayed admissions, and decrease in length of stay in ER, and decreased ER waiting time for patients to be seen.
  • Provide Auditable records of all communications between ER Physician and Admitting or Consulting Physicians.
  • Read receipt for all sent messages.
  • Reduced risk exposure to malpractice law suits.
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