Care Co-Ordination through Communication for ACO/MSO care delivery model

  • Collaboration among care givers is key in health care
  • Communication (phone calls, video, text messaging and chat) among care givers is essential for collaboration
  • The health care field is communication-intensive
  • Health care personnel are very mobile, which makes timely communication a challenge
  • Currently communication in health care is fragmented, circuitous and inefficient
  • VConnectMD provides a unified platform for highly efficient, secure and auditable communication

VConnectMD provides a patent-pending, industry-leading solution where people from various care settings can come together and collaborate for effective delivery of MSO/ACO model type care. VConnectMD achieves these goals by providing a unified platform for secure communication (audio, video, chat and text with attachment) across care settings and thus creating a collaborative hub.

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