• Unified Communication Platform for Health Care Industry

    ✓ Communication Across Devices and Care Settings.
    ✓ Automated Routing of Messages & Calls.
    ✓ Web-Based “On Call” Scheduler for Physician Offices & Hospitals
    ✓ Secure, Encrypted and HIPAA-Compliant Messaging.
    ✓ Automated Answering Service with Live Operator Back Up
    ✓ HIPAA Compliant Live Answering Service
    ✓ Message Log with Search Filters

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  • HIPPA Compliant, Secured & Encrypted Messaging

    ✓ HIPAA-Compliant, Secured & Encrypted Messaging
    ✓ Password Protected Inboxes
    ✓ SSL/AES Encryption
    ✓ Multi-Layered User Privileges
    ✓ Read Receipt with Auditable Message Log

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  • Communication on the Go

    ✓ Web based access through Smart Phone, Tablet, PC or MAC
    ✓ Send Messages or Make Calls to Nurse/Physician or “On Call” person(s)
    ✓ Reply or Call Back from a Received Message and Forward Messages
    ✓ Instant Read Receipt of Sent Messages
    ✓ View Message Log & Call Schedules
    ✓ Change On Call, Status, Preferences, & Contact Number

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  • Efficient communication for Busy Physicians

    ✓ Send Messages or Make Calls to Nurses, Colleagues & “On Call”         Physicians
    ✓ Reply or Call Back from a Received Message
    ✓ View Searchable Message Log and Forward Messages
    ✓ View Schedule, Change "On Call" and Forward Calls
    ✓ Change Status, Preferences & Contact Number
    ✓ Automatic Call Escalation based on Personal Preferences

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  • Stress free Communication allows Nurses to focus on Patient Care

    ✓ Send Messages or Make Calls to Single or Multiple "On Call" people
    ✓ Get Read Receipts for your sent message
    ✓ View and Sort Messages
    ✓ Secured Communication with your Colleagues
    ✓ Access Your Support List and Phone Directory at one place

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  • Improve Hospital Performance Measures thru better communication

    ✓ Nurse to Nurse and Nurse to Physician communication through     one application
    ✓ Decrease Length of Stay & Increase throughput in ER through efficient      Communication
    ✓ Decrease Exposure and Liability from delayed communication
    ✓ Improve Discharge Planning and Post-Hospital Care through    better Communication
    ✓ Secured Messaging with Auditable HIPAA-Complaint Message Log
    ✓ Easy Communication between Physician Offices & Hospitals for Better     Discharge Planning

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  • Improve Communication & Work Flow Efficiency in Physician Offices

    ✓ Lower your current Answering Service cost through our Automated     Answering Service
    ✓ Decreased Calls Load to Front Desk
    ✓ Manage all your "On call" schedules at one place for all of your     hospitals coverage.
    ✓ Secure, Encrypted and HIPAA Compliant Messaging with     searchable Message Log
    ✓ Automated Answering Service with Automated Routing of Voice &     Transcribed Messages
    ✓ HIPAA Compliant Live Answering Service

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  • Care Co-Ordination through Communication for ACO/MSO care delivery model

    • Collaboration among care givers is key in health care
    • Communication among care givers is essential for collaboration
    • The health care field is communication-intensive
    • Health care personnel are very mobile, which makes timely   communication a  challenge
    • Currently communication in health care is fragmented, circuitous   and inefficient
    • VConnectMD provides a unified platform for highly efficient, secure and    auditable communication

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HIPAA Compliant Secure Mobile Communication

VConnectMD is your #1 Choice for Secure messaging among hospitals and healthcare facilities

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